Pastor Justin Williams


Pastor Justin O. Williams is anointed and appointed in his youth to deliver the Word and lead the people of God.

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YPC – Youth Pursuing Christ

Youth Ministers: Antoinette Williams & Tiffany Williams



Reinforcing the biblical principals taught by the pastor, the House Of God Youth Department endeavors to cultivate productive members of the church and society at large. It works to instill a desire for perpetual learning within the individual lives of its members as they grow and develop life and social skills.

Affectionately termed YPC (Youth Pursuing Christ), the young people are instructed and led to apply the principals of salvation and holiness to every aspect of their lives, working to advance the Kingdom of God. Dedicated to the ministry of the church, the YPC leaders are anointed of God, desiring the will of the Lord for their own lives as well as the YPC as a whole.


Through youth panels, group discussions, various classroom settings, and team building activities we are working with the youth to help them understand the principals and applications of Salvation and Holiness in their lives. The YPC works to show how vital they are to the Kingdom of God and His work.

The YPC has also been able to branch out and spread the Gospel of Christ through Drama. With the use of dramatic comedic, and real life situations, the Drama Team makes every effort to show how Christ can make the difference in their lives.

The Youth Department's goal is to team up with the youth, their parents, and the church to produce young people who love and serve Christ and are an asset to the Lord and His church and are productive members of their homes, schools, communities and workplaces.