Pastor Justin Williams


Pastor Justin O. Williams is anointed and appointed in his youth to deliver the Word and lead the people of God.

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The Tribe of Judah

Minister of Music: Tiffany Williams

Organist: Deacon Jason Williams


Our Mission is to glorify God and edify the Body of Christ through anointed singing to the Glory of God and under the Power of the Holy Spirit.


The House of God Ministries music department (penned the Tribe of Judah) is an alive and well-functioning department of the church. It embodies individuals devoted to ministry and the leadership of our Pastor.

The Tribe of Judah serves in the church to provide well-prepared relevant music that lends to the edification of church services and congregants. Operating as integral, unified factions of the Tribe of Judah are the Judah Warriors (praise & worship team), the choir and the band.


Not just a "Sunday Morning only" occurrence, the Tribe of Judah effectively ministers across the city of Indianapolis, crossing age, racial, and denominational barriers all for the purpose of bringing God glory and advancing His Kingdom.

Under the direction of Pastor Justin O. Williams, The Tribe of Judah works with all departments in the Ministry and seeks ways to minister to the community and surrounding areas, spreading the Gospel of Christ.