Pastor Justin Williams


Pastor Justin O. Williams is anointed and appointed in his youth to deliver the Word and lead the people of God.

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Sunshine Band

We desire to bring in children from all walks of life, to a victorious walk in Christ; to reach out to our children, and offer an opportunity for them to receive salvation in their productive years.

We strive to teach our children about God, the Love of God, Gods' son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We endeavor to do this by teaching basic bible concepts, the ministry of servant-hood, and faith through practical precepts for holy living. In doing this, our goal is to build a strong, loving partnership between the home, school, and the church.

Through meaningful and wholesome activities; our children can be instructed in the way God desires them to go. We plan to do this through music, bible study, drama, arts and crafts, field trips, and worship services geared toward our children. This will help to promote dignity, a spirit of excellence, leadership skills, healthy relationships, and the ultimate goal of salvation.

Colors and Uniform:

Yellow and White; Sunshine Band T-Shirt w/navy blue bottoms


"Holding Up The Light"

Theme Song:

"Let It Shine"