Pastor Justin Williams


Pastor Justin O. Williams is anointed and appointed in his youth to deliver the Word and lead the people of God.

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Performing Arts

Performing Arts Director: Terece Williams

Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the church and the community at large through the art of dance, drama, and theatre. The Performing Arts aspires to provide a platform for youth to discover, explore and improve the gifts and talents God has given them.


Liturgical Dance - Heart Of Worship

Let them praise His name in the dance. Psalms 149:3a

Mission Statement

The goal of the Heart of Worship is to worship and glorify God through liturgical dance. By doing this we hope to inspire others to service for our Lord. We aim to encourage and uplift the body of believers while drawing others to Christ.

What We Are

The function of the Heart of Worship is to make a spiritual contribution to worship through simple motions to appropriate music. The purpose of Heart of Worship is to glorify God. It is a prayerful expression of the feelings aroused in the mind and heart of the dancer in relation to the words. It is a shared experience between the dancers and the people lifting there hearts and spirits to the Lord. Dancing can also be an integral part of worship. It is meant to enhance the appreciation of words sung or spoken. This is a ministry and we operate under the leadership of our Pastor.

What We Do

We inspire, encourage, persuade, and most of all glorify God. He is the inspiration; we are simply the means for carrying it out. We praise His name in the dance.

We Praise: The offer of grateful homage in words, song, and dance. We extol and exalt our Ruler, Hero, and King.

We Worship: honor, reverence, and pay homage to our Lord.

When given to God, worship involves acknowledge of divine perfection. Worship requires a relationship with God. "We must worship God in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24)

What We Do

The focus is not to be on us but on God. We praise His name through dance. Exodus 15:20, Psalms 150:4, and Psalms 149:3 tells us that dance in its place and appropriately, can be used to glorify God. That is why we do what we do; for no other reason but to bring glory to God. Our hope and aim of the dance is to draw other to Christ. In John 12:32, Jesus tells us "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me."